Person Centred Care

The 4 Pillars of Person Centred Care, and how to apply them in a residential aged care setting, are explained in the great article below from HelloCare.  The 4 pillars are:

  • Uniqueness – Regardless of any medical condition, all people are unique, and this must be acknowledged
  • Complexity – Humans are complex beings and a myriad of factors influence the way we see and respond to the world around us. Always consider the level/type of dementia, personality, life history, physical health status, social life etc.
  • Enabling -It is all too easy for us to focus on the disability and loss associated with cognitive decline and age.We need to recognise the strengths and abilities of all people and ensure opportunities exist for them to be utilised.
  • Value – Person centred care is not just about the way we interact with a person but also recognises the personhood of all people