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Two ladies chatting over a cup of tea in residential aged care


Promoting independence and wellbeing in older people


Good news story, Melbourne

Molly, when asked what was important to her, said 'drinking coffee and listening to music'.  Seamless Transitions located a home near her family that was opposite a cafe.  When the Lifestyle Coordinator asked what sort of activities they provided, said 'music is our thing'.  Molly's family report that she is happily settled in her new home.

Jim, Western District

The list of residential aged cars homes I got from the ACAS team was daunting.  I just needed some help to identify the homes that were best for me.  My family wanted to do the rest for me.

Evelyn, Ballarat

I don't know how I would manage to get to all my appointments without Yvonne to organise everything.  I don't have to worry about anything.

Sarah, Ballarat

Thank you for your kindness, care and lots of support during this very difficult time.    My husband is happily settled in a place I could afford, in a good location. 

Maggie, Geelong

Yvonne and Anne were like part of the family.  They worked out what suited Mum and then found the perfect place for her.  We had no idea where to start, and they did everything for us.

Alan, Bellarine Peninsula

Anne asked questions that helped us to work out where the best place was for Dad.

John, Geelong

Seamless Transitions gave us a kick start in the right direction.

Ann, Queensland

I don't live in Victoria where my parents live.  Seamless Transitions did everything for me to move my parents into a nursing home, even overseeing the sale of their house.  I can't thank them enough.