Seamless Transitions: Aged Care Placement, Service Coordination & Advocacy, and Support Services

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We take the time to understand what is important to you and provide you with the information and support you need to make informed choices.


Our flexible service design will give you the support you require to find the best aged care solution. Seamless Transitions provides support for you to access aged care services, whether they be in your own home or moving into residential aged care.

Aged Care Placement Services

The process of moving into residential aged care can be a difficult, confusing and emotional time.  At Seamless Transitions we provide information, guidance and support to take the stress out of this next chapter.

Seamless Transitions: Aged Care Placement Services include:

  • Face-to-face meeting to identify what is important to you, and  what supports you need to achieve your goals
  • Providing you with the information you need to make informed choices
  • Assistance to access the Home and Community Care service provider that best meets your needs
  • Short-listing the accommodation that best meets your needs, whether it be home care, respite, residential care, independent living or retirement units
  • Accompanying you to visit and review homes
  • Assistance with documentation
  •  Negotiating payments and fees
  • Support to access other professionals for financial or legal assistance
  • Assistance selling your home and contents
  • Advice on what to take to your new home 

Service Coordination & Advocacy Services

Remaining independently in your home is important to most people.  The key to staying safely at home can be receiving the right services.  From the end of February 2017, funding will be allocated to the consumer rather than the service provider. Consumer Directed Care allows you to have greater control over your life by choosing who delivers services and when.  For more information on the Consumer Directed Care, see our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Seamless Transitions: Service Coordination & Advocacy Services include:

  • Assistance to choose the care service provider(s) that will work best for you
  • Advocating on your behalf to ensure you get the services you want at the time you want them

Support Services: The next best thing to being there yourself (Geelong and Ballarat) 

Providing support to elderly family members or friends is not always easy if you work or don't live in the same area.  Seamless Transitions: Aged Care Support Services provides more than just a transport service in these situations.  We will attend medical appointments and ensure that prescriptions are filled, additional appointments are made and that you are informed of what happened at the appointment. If someone requires transport from hospital we will not only provide the transport, but also ensure that they have fresh bread, milk, lunch etc. if required and that they are settled before leaving them alone.  

Our Support Services include:

  • Accompanying people to medical appointments
  • Transporting people home from hospital, ensuring they have essentials and are comfortable
  • Coordinating services for people waiting for home care packages
  • Regular monitoring of people who do not have family living locally

Call us to discuss your needs.  These support services are available in Geelong and Ballarat areas only.

At Seamless Transitions, we take the stress out of accessing different care services.  

Clink on this link to obtain brochure of Seamless Transitions Services. 

Contact us to take the stress out of navigating the aged care system.